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le." The main opposition parties had boycotted the 2005 parliamentary election and withdrew just before the election day. In June 2009, the opposition parties planned to create Co

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reated two years ago by the ministry to protect the Colombian border with Venezuela and the oil infrastructures in the region, the army said. The new clash is one of several that t

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n oil tanker on a highway on Tuesday morning, killing at least 11 teachers, authorities said. In a communique, the minister expressed "condolences and solidarity with the relatives

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ured in the Boston Marathon explosions, the Chinese consulate general in New York confirmed Tuesday. The diplomatic mission said its officials are dealing with the emergency now. N

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ed presence of Colombian guerrilla chiefs in Venezuelan territory. Full story CARACAS, July 29 (Xinhua) -- The Inter-American Meeting of Experts and Representatives of Electoral B

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tences in open prison system, under which inmates are allowed to leave the penitentiary during the day to work and have to return at night. The rest were serving sentences outside

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Egypt released 34 political detainees in Cairo and all 16 protestors arrested in North Sinai province on Tuesday amid the massive anti-regime demonstrations that has hit Egypt fo