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d fire. Eight died on the spot, and the rest two died early Friday morning after being hospitalized, according to a statement from the General Prosecutor's Office of Chihuahua Sta


look at ways to impose additional pressure on Iran," Toner said at a regular briefing. He said that the U.S. has had a chance to look at the report, describing its conclusions as.


mma for the next two years, as it will not be easy to keep the base happy while also making appeals to the political center. Still, Democrats on Friday jumped one hurdle by settli.


ff was set to win a re-election, with her closest rival, Brazilian Social Democratic Party (PSDB) candidate Aecio Neves, trailing 10 to 15 points behind, and Brazilian Socialist P.


- black against white and rich against poor. Then run the radical policies right through the middle of it all," says the message. The message says the crisis in black communities.

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end of June," it said. A vessel will be connected to that riser and it is expected that this system will be available to begin first operations around the end of June or early Ju.

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(Xinhua) -- The White House on Monday denounced the twin terrorist attacks on the Russian city of Volgograd in the past two days, voicing hope for "closer cooperation" with Russi.

and configured in a very tight way so it's a little more difficult to get the body out," Faden said. The body was discovered at about 10 a.m., but officials spent much of the day .

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